See Why Four Chelsea Club Fans Have Been Sentenced To Jail By Court (Read)

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
5:06pm, 3rd Jan 2017.

Four Chelsea fans accused of aggravated
violence against a black man on the Paris
Metro have been given suspended one-year
sentences by a French court.

Joshua Parsons, 22, and James Fairbairn, 25,
had denied their actions of February 2015 were
racist in nature.

Their co-accused, fellow Chelsea fans Richard
Barklie, a 52-year-old former policeman, and
William Simpson, 27, were tried in absentia.

They were also ordered to pay the victim
10,000 euros in compensation.

Souleymane Sylla
Souleymane Sylla was targeted at Richelieu-
Drouot station as football fans made their way
to a Champions League match between Paris
Saint Germain and Chelsea.

The hearing at the Palais de Justice saw a
video recorded by a passenger of fans pushing
him off the Metro train.

Supporters can be heard chanting “we are
racist, we are racist and that’s the way we like

The AFP agency reported that after giving
evidence Parsons apologised to Mr Sylla, a
Frenchman of Mauritanian origin, but denied
there was any racist aspect to what had

Turning to Mr Sylla in court, Parsons said: “I
am very sorry to Mr Sylla, but I was not racist
in any way.”

Parsons, Fairbairn and Barklie have already
been banned from football stadiums in Britain.
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