MTN Free 910MB Free Browsing With Simpleserver ( symbian Users Only )

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alexical. Jalingo, Taraba
5:59pm, 3rd May 2016.
you over 900mb of Free data. The new
packages include Jumia, Hellofood,
Jovago, Lamudi, Carmudi,kaymu and
Easitaxi The new packages come with
free data allowance each (100MB
monthly, 25MB weekly and 5MB daily).
The trick here is simply to make use of
the Free data allowance available on
each of the packages once each of
them gets exhausted.When you
exhaust the 100MB free data on Jumia
package you subscribe for the 100MB
free data on Jovago package. Just like
that till you do same on all the seven
packages giving you a total free data
of 700MB. In the same vein you go with
weekly 25mb free data on all the
packages as well as the daily 5MB free
data on each of the packages.It does
not follow any sequence, you may
decide to use the Jumia package first
(100MB monthly, 25MB weekly and
5MBdaily) before using Jovago,
hellofood and the rest or you can
exhaust the individual 100MB on all
the packages before the 25MB
followed by the 5MB packages the
choice is strictly yours. When you must
have exhausted the
whole Data available on all the
packages you must have enjoyed up
to 910MB free data. The above data
from the MTN
packages above ordinarily cannot
work on its own but requires another
application to work. The application
that powers it is none other than
Simple Server.To get started you need
to first of all
get into any of the packages. Below are
the various codes to opt in
to any of the packages; USSD CODES
FOR MONTHLY 100MB *662*6*1*3#
for jumia *662*6*2*3# for hellofood
*662*6*3*3# for jovago *662*6*4*3#
for carmudi *662*6*5*3# for lamudi
*662*6*6*1*3# kaymu *662*6*6*2*3#
25MB *662*6*1*2# for jumia
*662*6*2*2# for hellofood
*662*6*3*2# for jovago *662*6*4*2#
for carmudi *662*6*5*2# for lamudi
*662*6*6*1*2# kaymu *662*6*6*2*2#
*662*6*1*1# for jumia *662*6*2*1#
for hellofood *662*6*3*1# for jovago
*662*6*4*1# for carmudi *662*6*5*1#
for lamudi *662*6*6*1*1# kaymu
*662*6*6*2*1# easitaxi On a
successful subscription for any of
the package you will receive a
notification from MTN.Apn:-
Port:- 8080 Homepage:-http://
jumia.com.ngNow Open The App you
downloaded [simpleserver] And
Configure thus; Acess Point:- choose d
access point
you created Local Host:-
Local Port:- 8080
Click On
HTTP Query:- Frontquery:- None
Middle Query:- None Back Query:- None
Reverse Query:- None Inject Query:-
Jumia.com.ng Inject Method:- HEAD
Inject Newline:- rn
Inject SplitLINE:- Default Click on HTTP
Header: Add/
del/rep Header
1: Http Add/del/Rep Value 1:
music.vodafone.com.tr Add/del/
Rep Header
2: Jumia.com.ng Add/del/Rep Value
2: none Add/del/rep Header 3:
wap.mtnonlineplay.com Others
should be NONE Click On server
Config:- Fetch Server:- NONE Keep
Server:- None Url
Replacer:- None
Advaced Mode:- yes
Tunel Proxy:- No
Https Connection:- yes
Server Buffer:- 1024 or 1019 Screen
size:- Normal
Proxy Host:-
Proxy Port:- 8080
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