How To Unroot Any Android Device With Kingroot

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alexical. Jalingo, Taraba
6:43pm, 11th May 2016.
Firstly Download Kingroot app

1) To get started, go to your Apps menu,
click on the Kingroot app icon and open it
2) Once the app is launched, click on the
“Settings” icon in the top right-hand corner
of the screen to launch Kingroot settings.
3) Now, in the KingUser general settings
screen, click on “Root Authorization Setting”
to launch up the settings screen.

4) In the “Root Authorization Setting” click
on [b}“Remove Root Permission” [b] option.
5) Now, a prompt will show up with the
message “Remove Root Authorization
completely and return to Unroot status,
Proceed?“. Click on “Clear” to begin the
“Remove Root Permission” process.

6) Once you click on “Clear“, you will see the
“In Progress” message along with a progress
circle as shown in the screenshot below

[b] Once the progress prompt gets closed, the
uninstall process of Kingroot will be
successfully finished. Also, you have
successfully unrooted or removed root access
from your Android smartphone or tablet.[/img]
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