When to apply (Heriot-Watt University) Visa requirements and School fees Details

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
1:54am, 8th Apr 2017.

Our Dubai Campus operates a rolling year-
round admissions process: as soon as one
intake has closed we begin accepting
applications for the next one. It is also
possible for you to defer your start date
for up to a year.
All of our programmes have an intake in
September, but some programmes also
offer an additional intake in January .

Most students apply 6–10 months in
advance of their chosen intake. We can
accept applications up until 3 weeks
before the start of each intake but you
should note that a late application will
almost certainly mean a delay in the
provision of essential administrative
services, such as your student
matriculation card (without which you
won't be able to access library or online

Our response to your
Our academic staff consider all
applications carefully and will let you know
of our decision on your application as
soon as possible. They will make one of
the following offers or responses to you:
an unconditional offer, (which you
must accept by returning the
relevant acceptance form within 2
weeks of receiving)
a conditional offer (you will need to
achieve further qualifications or
provide additional supporting
documents before you are accepted)
regretfully reject your application
(this does not prevent you from
applying again in a subsequent year)
In general, the entire review process
takes between 2–6 weeks following the
receipt of your completed application

Visa requirements
Students from outside the UAE will need
to apply for a Student Residence Visa.

Check the visa requirements for more

How to apply for Dubai
Campus programmes
Key information

Students from outside the UAE will need
to apply for a Student Residence Visa.
All students requiring student visa must
fill and submit the:
Student Visa Form or the Student
Visa Form (short-term students)
and the Student Undertaking Letter.
Student Visa guidance
For more information on student visa
processing and fees, please read the
relevant guidance document:
Processing of a new student visa
Processing of a new student visa
(Short-term students)
Processing of a student visa
Processing of a continuing student
visa (Renewal)
Medical insurance
The University requires all students on
our University Student Residence Visa to
have medical insurance for the duration
of their study. A copy of the insurance
documents must be submitted with the
application. Alternatively, students may
purchase the University’s medical
insurance at an additional cost.
For any further information please do
not hesitate to contact the University
Visa Office (right).
Visa requirements and

Key information
Ilyas Abdul Wahab
+971 4 4358625 / 4358628
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