Few Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Shave Off Your Pubic Hair

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
12:46am, 31st Jan 2017.

Studies regarding the link between pubic
hair and pheromones are inconclusive, but
quite a number of facts have been ascribed
to the theory that links pubic hair and
pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals
released by the apocrine glands and one
theory that has continually revolved is that
pubic hair helps to trap pheromones that
attract potential mates.

These myths did very little to boost the
superiority of these civilizations but have
nonetheless helped to point to the dangers
of body shaming. Nature gave the hair for
a reason and you may want to leave them
there for a more fulfilling experience.

Presence Of Pubic Hair Shows You’re Open
For S’ex
The presence of pubic hair has had a
biological connotation since time
immemorial. Pubic hair served as an easy
way for partners to identify the $exual
maturity of their spouses and their intention
to have s’ex.

Asides being a way of identifying s’exual
maturity, in earlier times, men were thought
to use the presence of pubic hair as a
visual identifier of sorts to find their way
around their target which is the vagina.
Pubic Hair Has Been Linked With S’exual

Pheromones are known to attach to pubic
hair and have been thought to increase
$exual stimulation and arousal in potential
$exual mates.

Pubic Hair Helps To Prevent Friction
If you’re intent on avoiding skin irritation
during $exual intercourse, you may want to
consider leaving your pubic hair. Your
pubes tend to cushion the effects of
vigorous $exual activity because they
contain natural oils which act as lubricants
when your skin and that of your partner
contacts. The oils will help to prevent skin
chaffing and the inherent pain and
discomfort you may get from it later on.

Some of the common health issues that
may arise after shaving, according to the
study include cuts, abscesses, infection of
the hair root and severe bacteria infections.

The study also found out that pubic hair
formed some form of natural defense
against some types of $exually transmitted
infections including Herpes and genital

You Waste Valuable Time Shaving Your
Pubic Hair
A lot of $exuality experts claim that
humans spend a lot of valuable time
shaving off their pubic hair. It is estimated
that an average woman spends about 60
days of her life time shaving off pubic hair.

If one is to consider the various
rewarding things that could be done with
this time such as learning a musical
instrument or a new skill, you’d agree that
the pubic hair given to us by nature may
need to stay on.
People Of The Past Had Myths
Surrounding Pubic Hair
Various civilizations from the past including
the Romans, Greeks and the Egyptians had
reservations concerning pubic hair. Perhaps
in enhancing their disgust for it, only slaves
were allowed to keep theirs in an effort to
boost fertility among people believed to be
of lower cla$$.

You Can Easily Catch An Infection
If you’re the type that loves being
completely well shaved, you may want to
watch it as you’re highly prone to some
types of $exual infection. A recent research
study published in the American Journal of
Obstetrics & Gynecology found out that
60% of women developed were likely to
develop one form of health issue or the
other after shaving off their pubic hair.
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