These are Top 6 Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, one who deserves Anything!

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
3:16am, 23rd Mar 2016.
Good morning guys , the traffic in Lagos is just
too much, imagine i woke up at 5am and got
to work by 7am, lucky for me the boss never
reach work.
Erm…Erm…*clears throat*, today am going to
share with you guys qualities of a good
girlfriend, the most important qualities you
should consider are the qualities that make the
relationship grow and add value to the both of
Different stroke for different folks, but these are
the outstanding qualities that make a woman
stand out in every man’s heart.
Check them out:
Top 6 Qualities guys are looking for in their
1. Humility
A good girlfriend is not boastful and does not
blow her trumpet for her achievements to be
2. Respectful
A good girlfriend respects everybody that
comes her way, no matter their age.
3. Trustworthy and loyal
A good girlfriend does not play games and she
keeps her words. She is committed only to her
4. Encourages you
A good girlfriend is your best cheer leader. Even
when you are wrong, she corrects you lovingly
without being judgmental.
5. She is not materialistic
Money and other material possessions are not
the most important factors for her. They make
life easy and worthwhile though, but to her it is
not a criteria and source of happiness.
6. Courteous to your family and friends
A good girlfriend is always ready to make the
people you hold dearly comfortable.
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